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Work for Personal Assistant
As of 01.01.2019, Personal Assistant service is being mediated in Tartu by MTÜ Händikäpp in cooperation with Tartu City Council’s Department of Social Welfare and Health Care.

Personal Assistant’s job involves helping a person with a physical disability or visual impairment with their everyday tasks. Depending on the disability, help might be needed with getting around (in wheelchair, aide with visual impairment, etc.), personal care, home and family related activities, running errands outside home or at work, during leisure time events. Personal Assistant does all these tasks in cooperation with the client and based on the instructions given by him/her.

A suitable candidate is hearty and tolerant, reliable and trustworthy, loves cleanliness and order, punctual and whose health allows to do some physical work.

If you wish to work as a Personal Assistant, you have to first pass the job interview, which helps in understanding if the job is suitable for the candidate and which potential client might be most suitable. Follows a trial day with a concrete client, during which the person with the disability clarifies in more detail what kind of help he/she needs. In case of mutual suitability, a care contract is put in place between MTÜ Händikäpp, provider (Personal Assistant) and client (person with the disability).

As of 01.01.2019 the hourly gross fee for Personal Assistant is 3,61€.

Personal Assistant can work full-time (health insurance is ensured by 150 working hours), at the same time the flexible schedule also allows part-time work while studies or other work.

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Translated by Kaia Koppel, MTÜ Õnnepank